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Pau Gasol Is A Certified Warrior Killer

The Warriors second unit pulled within 11 at one point in the second quarter against the Lakers second unit, which coach Phil Jackson clearly had seen enough. Putting his starters back in, the Lakers offense continued to run drive and dump passes to Pau Gasol for easy 1 foot buckets.

No matter what, Gasol is in the right place at the right time. And possibly he’s getting good position against the Wright people — Brandan and Dorell. Neither has been affective in putting a body on him and when they do, its usually putting Gasol on the line. Give Kobe and others credit for drawing multiple defenders. The Warriors porous perimeter defense against Lakers penetration has left the Warriors bigs, like David Lee and B. Wright exposed down under. In less than half a quarter, Gasol tallied 10 points, finishing with 16 points in the half.

But David Lee is also having a terrible night on the offensive end, committing 4 turnovers alone. Even more shocking statistic? The Warriors have yet to take a free-throw attempt and are an ice cold 2-10 from downtown.