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Lakers' Second Chance Points Destroying Warriors

Marcus Thompson said it best on Twitter just now:

gswscribe, Marcus Thompson:Warriors getting crushed already at the very thing they’re hanging their hat on: rebounding (16-8 Lakers)

On almost every Laker possession, the Warriors have gotten good position in the paint allowing, yet still allowing easy put backs by Gasol, Odom, and Kobe. One particular possession highlights the rebounding disparity. As Odom’s shot ricocheted of the rim, Gasol seemed to rise above the rest, tapping the ball out. Artest took a shot, which the Lakers were again able to secure the ball. Third times a charm?

You betcha.

It’s not as if the Warriors don’t have the size, it looks like a struggle with boxing out.

The Warriors thus enter the second quarter, going deep into their bench with defensive minded and hustle-oriented players such as Dan Gadzuric, Vladimir Radmanovic, and Charlie Bell.

Dorell Wright is still in, but maybe his special orange "Halloween Shoes" are affecting his shot: 1-5.