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Jeremy Lin Turns Rookie Hazing Into Profit

Jeremy Lin sat down last night with fans to talk about his transition into an NBA player, many stories that include follies such as answering a phone call from Yao Ming.  As part of Asian Heritage Night, Lin participated in a Q/A session with Bob Fitzgerald about his transition into NBA life, his basketball influences, and also the role of community. But Lin also mentions a particular incidence where Charlie Bell asks him to run out to pick up some Starbucks.  Upon returning, Bell tips him a hundred dollars for his services, which later that night Lin transforms into 2100 dollars through gambling. 

YOW (not Yao)!

Here at SB Nation Bay Area, we do not promote underage gambling.  But, apparently Jeremy Lin is someone to go to for gambling tips for those that of the legal age.

Via Channel APA, here is a clip of last night's Q/A with Jeremy Lin: