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Chinese Delicacy To Be Sold At the Oracle Arena Says Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin knows that the hype surrounding him clearly exceeds anything he has done on the court. From being invited by all-star Yao Ming to play in a celebrity basketball game a few days after being signed to all the publicity he has been getting in major media, such as The New York Times, Lin knows he has had his detractors who claim that this is just a p.r. move to sell more tickets to a sizable Asian American community. But a satirical Jeremy Lin interview (not Jeremy Lin himself, of course) surfaced on the Internet, providing a light-hearted take on all this hub-bub and hype.  Though, some of the jokes from this fake interview, particularly about selling Ding Tai Fung's "xiaolongbaos" at the Oracle Arena, might actually be an excellent idea.

NEW Jeremy Lin Interview: Monta Ellis, Business, Women, Breaking Stereotypes (via andrewjfung)