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First Quarter Ends, Warriors Rack Up Nine Turnovers

Reading tweets from local sports writers provides a somewhat disastrous scene of a potential Warriors unravelling that we are all familiar to. For those that don’t have access to the game, here are some “visuals”:

gswscribe(Marcus Thompson): Biedrins just schooled Kaman in the post. 7-0 Warriors

Rusty_SFChron (Rusty Simmons): (1st Q, 7:58) Warriors 13, Clippers 3. Clippers shooting 14.3 percent from the floor and have two turnovers and zero rebounds.

gswscribe Marcus Thompson: Blake Griffin is starting to impose his will

gswscribe (Marcus Thompson): Curry stripped by Gordon, leads to Baron lay-up. Game tied at 20, 3:29 left in 1st

gswscribe (Marcus Thompson): End of 1st: Warriors’ once 10-point lead now a 28-27 deficit. Ellis 4 ast, 1-3 FGs, D. Wright 8 and 3. LAC – Gordon 9. Blake 7 and 5

Rusty_SFChron (Rusty Simmons): (End of 1st) Clippers 28, Warriors 27. DWright 8 pts, 3 reb; Eric Gordon 9 pts, “Monster” Griffin 7 pts, 5 reb. Clips up to 44 percent

Uh oh. I thought the Warriors were “brand new”?