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Stephen Curry Tweaks Ankle Again In Warriors 132, Rockets 128 Win

Stephen Curry lit up the Rockets to the tune of 25 points and 11 assists. But along the way, Curry’s ankle was aggravated again as he tried to draw a foul on Aaron Brooks during the 3rd quarter. Marcus Thompson of the Contra Costa Times reports:

…towards the end of the quarter, he had a setback. He pump faked on a 3-pointer to get Brooks in the air. Curry, trying to draw a foul on Brooks, leaned in as he hoisted a 3. Brooks landed on top of him, and Curry rolled that ankle again, the same way, he said.

He got up hobbling and took the long route to the free throw line to walk it off

DAVID LEE: “I was a little concerned when he re-injured it. But sometimes, all it takes is to get out there and get back on it.”

Curry played the final 10:38 of the fourth quarter and had seven points and four assists in the period. After the game, he said his ankle was sore and he rushed through his media interviews to get treatment.

Definitely something to pay attention as the season progresses. For all you fantasy basketball players, hope you have some insurance. But Thompson also highlights some interesting chemistry between Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry in last night’s win:

Keith Smart gave Curry a seven-plus minutes rest in the second quarter. But when he returned in the third, giving Ellis a rest, Curry took over. He totaled 12 points and four assists in the quarter. He was looking for his shot and breaking down the Rockets defense by getting into the lane.

ELLIS: “That’s what he has to do. I mean, we have to work off each other. They were playing us a little different. Coach ran a play for us and they picked up what we were doing. Then Curry noticed what (the Rockets) were doing (defensively). That’s what he has to do. When I am going like that and come out of the game, and he’s in the game, he has to make offensive plays like he did tonight.”

I don’t expect Ellis to pull a Terrell Owens and begin sobbing to media: “That’s my point guard (quarterback).” But it’s nice that both guards are working together and adapting to situations accordingly.