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Monta Ellis' 46 Points Show New Outlook Paying Off

People wondered if Monta Ellis’ new outlook on life, his teammates (namely Stephen Curry), and the future of the Golden State Warriors (check his tattoo of the Warriors logo on his back) was for real or just pre-season fluff. Matt Steinmetz reports that Ellis’ 46 point outburst shows that he has been determined to make things better:

“This young man has made a complete turnaround in his life,” Warriors coach Keith Smart said. “And once your life is in order things start to work perfectly for you. His relationship (marriage) and his life are in great order, and the guy has been ready to play since the summer, working out with (assistant) coach (Steven) Silas in Memphis.”

So far so good in Warriors land. Despite the intensive minutes given to all starters, their balanced attack among the starting five is a good sign, even against a Yao Ming-less team.