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Warriors 132, Rockets 128: Fan Reactions and Linkage

Courtesy of Golden State of Mind’s IQofaWarrior, here is there comprehensive nightly linkage of usual post-game chatter: Pre-game video, post-game interviews, and more.

But what are fans saying about this opening night win? It is just one game, right? Looks like it’s a combination of overexcitement and cautious optimism. From Golden State of Mind:

Was at game. Incredible atmosphere. Lee is a great player. Very good scorer, underrated passer (probably our 2nd best passer), monster on boards… really struggled with Scola, but Gasol did last night, and i don’t fault him. Steph’s added some quickness/athleticism to his game. He can drive better, his handle looks good, made some bad decisions but that’s okay. Andris looked very good, got some bad foul calls on him, specifically the Martin foul where it was a charge. Played good team defense, passed nicely, scored good amount, rebounded like a beast. Monta played ok defense, and he was playing within the team’s offense. I didn’t even care about the points. I only recall a few plays were he was iso’d at the top and put his head down. He played to his strengths which were the post up game, the mid range jumper of the screen, and driving to the hoop and getting fouls/layups. Very glad to see him mature and accept his role.

Spider Jerusalem: Well, a win is nice. Not too excited about all the fouls, but the effort was there on defense. Smart’s rotations sort of made me want to shoot myself somewhere non-lethal, so we’ll see how that goes throughout the season. I’d rather never see Carney at PF or Radmanovic at C again, though (his name is Adrien. Play him).

Monta made a lot of shots. That’s all I can say after this game. I’m glad he made those shots, but I’m not exactly glad that he took them. 7-12 from 16-23 feet is nice but also unsustainable. He was hot though, so I can’t complain. I just hope in the games where he starts out 0-5 or 0-7 on pull up jumpers he’ll do something else.

Badly Browned: Oh btw. I am still waiting on this new and improved defense…The rebounding was nice yes, but where’s the D?!