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"Warriors Fever" Epidemic Spreading, Fans Speaking In Tongues

Golden State Warriors fans are the greatest. For the most part, we're all in agreement of who our best players are. We support them even when they're struggling and, for the most part, find them to be untradeable -- in the sense that we have faith that they'll reach their potential. Warriors' fan loyalty is often why commentators say in national broadcasts that their fan base "is the best in the NBA." Our obsession can be borderline sick -- for better or for worse.

And some times Warriors love their players so much that they even dream about other teams' players. Warriors fans have been criticized as being delusional for their incredible support and optimism, but this delusion, what I like to call "Warriors fever," might have people speaking in tongues and gibberish. Click on to see what I mean.

Warriors fever is like Justin Bieber fever: out of control. At 102 degrees, Warrior fever has had fans waiting for months to see how the off-season changes might look on the court. But Warriors fever is becoming an epidemic where we're beginning to think that hall-of-fame players have come out of retirement to help the Warriors win. Check out this video and see the symptoms of Warriors fever at minute 1:30: