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The Warriors Hype Going Into Season Similar To Cross-Bay Friends, The 49ers?

The energy and excitement over the Warriors “newness” is suddenly making mountains out of molehills and Keith Smart is not getting sucked into the hype.

Marcus Thompson II of the San Jose Mercury News reports that Smart is evading questions about his team’s playoff chances, even as press and blogs are expecting them to surprise people. Playoff bound? Maybe not. But I would be worried about these meteoric expectations considering what we’ve seen with the San Francisco 49ers this year.

Example of Smart tempering everyone’s expectations?

“We’re focused on getting better one day at a time,” Smart said, "getting better one game at a time. We’ve got to keep getting better. “… Maybe we can be really good two games in a row, then three games in a row. Our focus is on getting better.”

Definitely not the Mike Singletary, but I believe his realistic expectations can ground fans time-to-time about what the Warriors have not been able to do to get them to the promised land.