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Introducing Faceguard Shawty, Otherwise Known As Reggie Williams

Reggie Williams may have just started his NBA career but could he be gunning to be the next Jim Barnett? Or at the very least, maybe he could be the next Ahmad Rashad of "Inside Stuff"?

In recent trends on television, professional athletes have extended their respective sports careers by becoming color commentators for many media outlets. It seems to make sense given their experience in the game and their close relationships to players, still. Their eye-witness accounts of player dynamics on-and-off the court make these former athletes quite valuable. Or, at least I assume they would be.

Williams may have a while to go before he can be there with the likes of Jon Barry or Tom Tolbert. This is mostly because we need Williams to knock down three point shots versus talking about them on the sidelines. But you can be the judge of his future career in broadcasting. Warriors Weekly page posted Reggie Williams' 2010 media shenanigans. It's definitely nice seeing the Warriors smiling and getting along -- so far. We'll see how these fun interviews look if the losses begin piling up.

From the looks of it, Reggie Williams is definitely making friends with thew newbies. When asked what the most important thing they're looking forward to it is, here's what a few of them had to say.

David Lee:

i'm looking forward to the emergence of Reggie williams. Shooting guard extraordinary, VMI (Virginia Military Institute) standout, now superstar in the making, i keep telling everyone he's got a chance to be pretty good...

Charlie Bell:

"Playing with reggie williams, he's someone I watched and idolized."

Dorell Wright:

"He needs to get an xbox, because he got a ps3. My son plays that."