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Stephen Curry May Have Tweaked Ankle

Reports are suggesting that Stephen Curry may have tweaked his ankle running into Lakers’ point guard Steve Blake.

Things are looking good for our young Warriors squad. Various players are either out for extended periods of times or nursing minor injuries that could end up being nagging or chronic.

Perhaps Curry’s injury might not be anything. But you can’t help but feel a little anxious given how the Warriors exhausted their d-league affiliate and even burned through that roster as those d-leaguers got injured. So who’s going to be the next Reggie Williams? You can bet big men won’t want to end up like Chris Hunter, who was dragging his poor leg so bad at the end of the season he looked like a mummy.

As writers and fans have suggested, it is difficult to gauge whether or not this Warriors squad is even talented enough given all season-ending trauma’s experienced by Brandan Wright and now New York Knick Anthony Randolph. Lets hope this won’t end up being another lost season of wondering what things could be.