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Warriors at Lakers - Citizens Business Bank Arena Remix, 7PM

The Kobe-less Lakers trounced the Warriors two nights ago, 120-99. This is good new for the champions, but probably not as big news that Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic is now engaged to tennis star Maria Sharapova. Looks like the stars are about to shine a little bit brighter courtside at the Staples Center.

(Brief tanget: What is it about international rotation players in the NBA hooking up with model-esque women if not actual models? Marko Jaric is another guy that seems like he needs some better accomplishments to match the paychecks of Adriana Lima. I’m just saying…)

Tonight, I predict will be a remix of the previous game. By remix, I’m not expecting the early to mid-nineties hip-hop remix where brand new songs were crafted with incredible posse-cut ensembles, which we saw from producers like Puff Daddy or Jermaine Dupri. I’m talking modern day remix, which tends to mean that it’s the same song but with a guest verse from “the hot artist” of the month.

You can bet that today’s guest player to light up the Warriors to the same tune will be Theo Ratliff. A former all-star with a ton of experience won’t lay a goose egg, again.

Tonight’s nationally televised game seems like an odd arrangement given that the Warriors aren’t a draw on TV. I wonder if Jeremy Lin will make his first in-game national televised appearance?