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Warriors Keep PF Jeff Adrien By Cutting PG Aaron Miles, But Is G Jeremy Lin A Problem?

Matt Steinmetz of CSN Bay Area suggests that letting Aaron Miles might be a direct result of Jeremy Lin’s partially guaranteed contract. With the Warriors in dire need of a back-up point guard and Jeremy Lin clearly not ready to fill that position, Steinmetz wonders if Jeremy Lin is becoming a problem for the Warriors:

But that still leaves a problem at the point. If Lin isn’t ready, and he isn’t – or if he winds up in the D-League in early November – it means the Warriors don’t have a backup point guard on their roster.

Heck, you could make a case the Warriors don’t have a true point guard on their roster at all – that is if you are of the belief Stephen Curry isn’t a true one. But whether he is or he isn’t, one thing has been obvious in the preseason: The Warriors struggle to get into their offense when Curry isn’t on the floor.

For interesting chatter on this particular subject, click on over to Golden State of Mind:

unfair to lin

is he more of a waste of space than charlie "isn’t a point guard" bell or dan "not even worth mentioning" gadzuric? If not, than why aren’t we talking about how dumb it was to trade for those two roster fillers? oh wait, maybe because Lin’s ASIAN

by ceterisparibus on Oct 20, 2010 12:58 PM PDT