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Stephen Curry Fulfills Promise of Limiting Turnovers

Whether it’s the Portland Trailblazers or not, Stephen Curry has committed 14 turnovers against them so far in the preseason. Curry promised not to get 8 turnovers like he did at the Rose Garden and he did just that…by only getting 6 lat night. Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle reports on Curry’s turnover problem so far:

"It’s me trying to create a play instead of reading the play correctly," Curry said. "It’s working the kinks out of the new lineup and figuring out where people are going to be.

"But, I’m not panicking."

Curry said he can see the mistakes while watching video, and he knows how to fix them. Still, many of Curry’s turnovers are coming in transition and some are even off his left-handed passes, which NBA scouts view as tops in the league.