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Inexperience Or Lack of Scoring Power On Second Unit Cause For Concern

Adam Lauridsen of the San Jose Mercury Warriors Blog, Fast Break, writes that last night’s game revealed some possible red flags beyond it’s front five:

What gave me pause, however, was how badly the team struggled to score when the second team came in and Reggie Williams couldn’t get it going. Of the 10 non-starters on the roster, only Williams and Radmanovic have any record of being consistent offensive threats (and even their records are undeveloped and spotty, respectively). Wright could be an offensive option, but he was a DNP-CD against the Kings and has looked out of sync in his prior two appearances. Given the limited firepower past the front five, the team needs either steady production from both Williams and Radmanovic or a big night from one of them.

Lauridsen also offers up some alternatives of what to do with this loose set of rotation players without clearly defined roles in order to shore up this lack of scoring power.