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Bad Day At Work For Jeremy Lin

Thanks to technology in the palm of our hands (literally), we can get a scouting report of our Warriors when these games are not televised. Unfortunately, the one minute Lin played against the Sacramento Kings a few nights ago wasn't because Coach Smart wanted to test out other players, but rather because Coach Smart got too anxious. Luckily someone caught some of this Lin action where things didn't look too good. Pressing or not, Lin seems to have fan love regardless.

Ivy League Basketball News, an unofficial Ivy League sports site, reports via Marcus Thompson's Tweet that coach Smart got too excited and "Put Lin in game at a bad time, when intensity was up and pace was too fast." 

Smart is quoted by Thompson as saying: "I gave into the urge."

Can you blame him?  After seeing him arouse a crowd in garbage time, I would be curious, too, if he could be ready to handle the pressures of professional basketball with real consequences. Unfortunately, Lin didn't quite do anything right in that short one minute, coughing up the ball 3 times.

Jeremy Lin has the butterflies (via JoelAmacio)