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Giants' Buster Posey reaches RBI milestone

The San Francisco Giants' Buster Posey knows the 100-RBI milestone is difficult to reach, especially for a catcher.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey became the franchise's third catcher since 1900 to reach the 100-RBI mark in a single season, joining Walker Cooper's 122 RBIs in 1947 and Dick Dietz's 107 in 1970.

Posey, just 25 years old, didn't know of the mark when asked about it. When he learned of the historic statistic, Posey told CSN Bay Area he recognizes how difficult it was to reach.

"It's quite a milestone, especially for a catcher," (Giants manager Bruce) Bochy said. "Those guys have to take a lot of time off. They get banged up pretty good back there."

And Posey might be the most recent poster boy for how physically demanding and dangerous playing catcher in MLB can be, getting hit on a slide at home by the Marlins' Scott Cousins in May 2011. Posey broke a leg and missed the rest of the season.

In his third year in MLB, his recovery has been smooth and successful. Along with his 100 RBIs this year, Posey has 23 home runs and is batting .334 for the division-winning Giants.