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Giants vs. Diamondbacks, starting lineups: Scutaro on a hot streak

The San Francisco Giants' Marco Scutaro will look to extend his hitting streak to 14 games against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday night. The second baseman is hitting .409 during the month of September and has 18 RBI this month.

Scutaro's hot hitting in the second slot is not helping Pablo Sandoval, who is 0-for-7 in his last three games despite a previous stellar month at the plate. Sandoval was hitting over .400 in the past seven days, before suddenly cooling off.

Arizona aims to keep Paul Goldschmidt's bat hot, but the Diamondbacks will have to do so against Matt Cain. The Diamondbacks' first baseman has a hitting streak of eight games coming into Wednesday's outing.

Wade Miley (16-10) will be the starting pitcher for Arizona.

Arizona Diamondbacks

1. Adam Eaton, CF
2. Aaron Hill, 2B
3. Justin Upton, RF
4. Miguel Montero, C
5. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
6. Gerardo Parra, LF
7. Cody Ransom, 3B
8. John McDonald, SS
9. Wade Miley, P

San Francisco Giants

1. Angel Pagan, CF
2. Marco Scutaro, 2B
3. Pablo Sandoval, 3B
4. Buster Posey, C
5. Hunter Pence, RF
6. Xavier Nady, LF
7. Brandon Belt,1B
8. Brandon Crawford, SS
9. Matt Cain, P