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Giants' Angel Pagan earns his highest-paying contract to date

Pagan has secured the longest, most lucrative deal of his career -- a four-year, $40 million pact with the Giants.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

San Francisco Giants outfielder Angel Pagan received the best security of his seven-year career when his new four-year, $40 million contract with the franchise was enacted upon passing a physical on Friday.

Before Friday, Pagan had never signed a contract for longer than two years or for more than $5 million per year. After just one season with San Francisco, in which the Giants won the World Series, Pagan is looking forward to settling in the Bay Area. "The Giants were my number one priority," Pagan said of his offseason free agency.

In 154 regular-season games with the Giants, Pagan hit .288 with eight home runs and 56 RBI. The center fielder stole 29 bases on the year, and hit .188 with six RBI in the postseason. Pagan didn't wait to sign with his first priority:

The Giants were the first ones to offer that fourth year, like I was hoping. Right after they did it, I didn't hesitate. I wasn't waiting for another team. -Angel Pagan

In seven seasons, Pagan has hit .281, totaling 41 home runs and 265 RBI.

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