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2012 SF Giants World Series parade: Pictures, video and more

The Giants had a chance to celebrate their World Series win on Wednesday at the parade in downtown San Francisco -- and fortunately for us, they left plenty of good evidence to showcase just how sweet the victory was in the process.

Ezra Shaw

The San Francisco Giants had an opportunity to celebrate their 4-0 series sweep of the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday in The City, and there was plenty of evidence of a serious party left behind. The only thing missing was comic relief from Ryan Theriot.

Here's something the folks of the #RallyZito hashtag-using variety will enjoy:

All of those hungry and thirsty baseball fans have to eat (and drink), don't they? It's one reason why the local economy got a nice boost from all of the excited, hungry and thirsty fans during the spectacle.

There may not have been any comic relief from resident clubhouse clown Theriot, as he was absent handling a personal matter, but Sergio Romo filled in nicely, just as he has on the field.

What can't this guy do? Check out Matt Cain and National League MVP Buster Posey acknowledging Romo being Romo and also Romo being Romo:

Want more Romo? Of course you do.

Finally, we can neither confirm nor deny that the person mentioned in this tweet from the Giants' official team feed is really Jim Harbaugh:

Obviously, it was a great day in San Francisco, and the Giants deserved to throw this party. Live it up, boys.