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Giants World Series parade: Schedule, map, live updates and more

The Giants parade will follow a different path in 2012.

Justin Sullivan

The San Francisco Giants will have their second parade in three years on Wednesday at 11 a.m. but this one will follow a different path than 2010, according to The Associated Press.

In 2010, the parade started in the financial district but the team will start at the foot of Market Street on Wednesday as the new route is safer while providing better views for fans.

During the 2010 celebration, the Giants honored history by following the route taken in 1958 when the team was introduced to the city of San Francisco after moving from New York.

The parade is following a Sunday night celebration that turned violent and led to 36 arrests by local police.

Despite the incidences on Sunday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said that he's "not going to let the spirit of this city be destroyed by 36 people" while adding that fans have a right to release the energy from the World Series win in a positive way.