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Giants vs. Tigers, 2012 World Series Game 4: Bless Our Boys deals with the sting of defeat

The bloggers at Bless Our Blogs are trying to figure out what went terrible wrong for their Detroit Tigers as the San Francisco Giants celebrate their World Series sweep.

Christian Petersen

It's plain to see that the 2012 World Series wasn't anything closed to what the Detroit Tigers imagined after being easily swept by the San Francisco Giants.

The Tigers' offense only managed six runs in the four game series while being handed back-to-back 2-0 shutouts. Just for comparison matters, Detroit was only shut out twice during the regular season.

As you might have guessed, SB Nation's Tigers blog, Bless You Boys, was none-too-amused with the performance of their favorite team over the past week. Al Beaton stated that this World Series loss stings "much more" than their five game defeat in the Fall Classic six years ago. And Beaton feels that way because of the expectations for this team entering the 2012 season:

"No one expected [the 2006] Tigers to advance to the playoffs, let alone the World Series. In 2012, expectations were different. As in out of control and sky high. Despite being highly flawed, this Tigers team was supposed to make it to the World Series with it's triumvirate of superstars, then win it for their desperate to win octogenarian owner ... They accomplished the former, but failed at the latter, much in thanks to those flaws and those superstars having a very rough 4 games."

Beaton goes on to add that he feels that the better team undeniably won this one and that this series will be remembered by the Tigers' "offensive futility."

Oh yeah, he also added that he finally knows how the Yankees felt after the ALCS now. Ouch.