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Giants vs. Tigers, 2012 World Series Game 4: Take it all in, Giants fans

McCovey Chronicles just wanted to take some time out of your day to remind you to soak in the San Francisco Giant's World Series victory, if you haven't yet.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco Giants won their second World Series in the last three years with their 4-3 10th-inning victory over the Detroit Tigers Monday.

But although the team looked dominant in their sweep of the Tigers, Grant Brisbee of the McCovey Chronicles invites fans to enjoy it because you never know when it could happen again.

"That's not a downer. That's not cynicism. That's just how this weird game works. When the Giants were oh-for-San-Francisco, you knew that baseball wasn't a socialist collective. This wasn't a matter of lining up to get your ribbon every 30 years. There's so much more to it. A team needs talent and circumstance, but in exactly the right combination. Decades can go by without that combination. Centuries, even."

And boy oh boy did the stars ever align for the Giants in 2012. As Brisbee points out, the Giants' 7-0 loss to Bronson Arroyo and the Reds in the NLDS feels like centuries ago after the team finally got its momentum going. San Francisco won seven straight games to close out the year, taking three in a row from the Cardinals in their NLCS comeback before making the Tigers look like a little league team the past week.

Then again, doesn't all that other stuff just make this World Series victory even sweeter?