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Giants overcome the elements to win seventh World Series title

The Giants played through the wind and the rain to come back against the Cardinals and sweep the Tigers in the postseason.

Ezra Shaw

The playoffs really were The Giants vs. The World. Mother Nature made her presence felt this postseason, with the Giants clinching the NLCS in San Francisco amid a torrential downpour that threatened to suspend the game in the bottom of the ninth, and on Sunday night the Giants clinched a sweep in the World Series with the wind blowing heavily out to right field.

It turned out that very wind was the only way the Tigers could score runs, as all three Tiger runs were scored on homers to right that got caught up in the stream. The flag in right field was billowing violently as if it were in a hurricane. Miguel Cabrera in the second inning hit a Matt Cain pitch to right field, which looked as though it would be a routine pop-up. However, it kept carrying, and carrying, until it flew into the right field seats. Later in the game, Delmon Young also hit a ball to right field that carried out, but it was more of the line drive variety.

The Giants also scored two runs on a Buster Posey home run, but it was hit down the left field line, unaided by the wind whatsoever. It was simply another symbol of the Giants winning against the odds, and even against nature itself. Hopefully the Giants' victory parade will be held in nicer weather than what the team won the games in.