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World Series 2012, Giants vs. Tigers: Cabrera gives Tigers the lead after three innings

After watching Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer blow through the first four batters he faced, Hunter Pence hit a ground-rule double and was brought home by a Brandon Belt RBI triple in the second inning to right to give the Giants an early 1-0 lead.

But in the bottom of the third inning, the Tigers' Miguel Cabrera gave the Tigers their first lead of the World Series with a two-run homerun off Matt Cain.

Cain had only given up one hit before Cabrera's, a second inning single to Delmon Young. Cain has walked two and has thrown 47 pitches already in three innings.

The Giants are looking to end the World Series in a series sweep in Detroit while the Tigers are trying to keep the series going and head back to the Bay Area for Game 5. The Giants have the opportunity to close out the Tigers and bring home their second World Series title in three years via the fourth sweep in the World Series in the past 10 years.