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World Series Game 2, Giants vs. Tigers score: Madison Bumgarner & Doug Fister in scoreless pitching duel

The San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers are scoreless through five innings.

Madison Bumgarner has given up some loud outs, but they've been outs nonetheless, and he's stayed ahead of the Tigers so far in this game. Bumgarner has gotten through five innings, giving up two hits while striking out six.

Detroit has struggled to score in general. Prince Fielder managed to reach base in the top of the second inning when he was hit by a Bumgarner pitch, and then Delmon Young doubled to left to advance Fielder. Fielder was waved home, and Buster Posey got Fielder at the plate.


The Giants have only had one serious threat to score, as they loaded the bases in the bottom of the second. But Bumgarner popped out to left center to end the threat.

Doug Fister has only given up two hits of his own as both teams still have yet to register a run. Fister did get hit in the head with a ball off the bat of Gregor Blanco for one of those two hits, but he has stayed in and pitched well since then.