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Would a World Series win get Bruce Bochy into Hall of Fame?

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With a win in the World Series, San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy makes a very strong case to land in the Hall of Fame.

Jed Jacobsohn

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy doesn't have the press conference flair that will widen eyes. He does, however, have the respect among his peers. And he stands in the thick of the discussion when it comes to some of the best managers in baseball history.

If he can beat the Detroit Tigers and well-respected manager Jim Leyland in the 2012 World Series, then it might be hard to argue against Bochy landing in the Hall, writes CSN Bay Area columnist Ray Ratto:

"The point here is that, even if you want to downgrade his press conference work as a unacceptably stylistic attempt at minimalism, you have here a Hall of Fame-caliber manager now, and someone who should be considered a near-mortal lock if his side wins this time. Leyland, who is a lock, will have one fewer title if the Giants win."

Through 18 years managing in MLB, Bochy has consistently taken his teams to the postseason, and he's masterfully made the tactical decisions to get them to three World Series.

This year has been much of the same. He's led the Giants back to the World Series despite the usual set of hurdles; Tim Lincecum's struggles and the Melky Cabrera scandal lead the way.

The statistics back him up, too. Ratto writes that Bochy compares to many other Hall of Fame managers and those with the potential to become that in the categories of wins, postseason success and, most importantly, staying power in the majors.