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Giants vs. Reds, NLDS Game 5: Giants fans happy, exhausted, relieved

The San Francisco Giants pulled a game straight out of the 2010 schematic to win Game 5 of the 2012 National League Divisional Series 6-4 against the Cincinnati Reds. There was timely hitting, plenty of defense, and then pure, utter torture to eventually nail down the win.

Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles (and SB Nation's own Baseball Nation!) details the range of emotions he felt from yesterday's game. He felt pretty stoked that it was Buster Posey who sent the reviled Mat Latos packing with a game-breaking grand slam.

When Posey hit the grand slam, it had the feel of something you'd find on a scroll, or carved into a rune, deep in a desert cave.


There was so much joy. So much mirth. Buster Posey, the MVP, the everything of this team for the past seasons, for much, much better and much, much worse, had slain the Latos.

But then the Giants had to hold on for dear life as they gave the Reds chance after chance to climb back in this one. Brisbee details the pain.

And if you ever had a doubt about your ability to feel about the Giants after 2010, if you were wondering if you could become the same blubbering mess you were when Ryan Howard struck out looking, the answer is yes. This one did it. There you go. Proof. Baseball can still give you that awful, beautiful, completely unnecessary, wholly necessary feeling.

And then Brisbee talks about how thrilled he is to get to watch this team again.

Tim Lincecum will get a chance to start. Ryan Vogelsong will start another postseason game. Matt Cain will hopefully find what it was he lost between the fourth and fifth innings. Sergio Romo's arm will rest, as will Madison Bumgarner's.

The Giants will advance to the National League Championship Series to face the winner of tomorrow's Game 5 between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals.