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Giants vs. Reds, 2012 NLDS Game 4: Reds fans hope to keep calm

Following the San Francisco Giants' 8-3 win over the Cincinnati Reds on Wednesday night, Reds fans have seen the team's 2-0 series lead crumble and find themselves with their backs against the wall headed into a crucial Game 5 on Thursday at Great American Ballpark.

Cy Schourek of SB Nation's Reds blog Red Reporter is urging the team's fans to keep calm and carry on.

Relax. You'll be doing the same on November 8 no matter what, so just enjoy the last drops from the toothpaste tube of the season being squeezed out. No more death threats, no more hatred, just enthusiasm. Not because it's what the players need, Lord knows what that is but I do not. But cheer like you give a damn because it's the human thing to do. Cheer because we're all going to be worm meat soon enough so we may as well enjoy our gradually-quickening time here together. Cheer because nobody ever, on the day that pretty girl finally looked at him and smiled, wished for the sun to set.

Finding that calm will be easier said than done, as a loss on Thursday would be a disappointing end to a Reds season that saw the team win 97 games and run away with the NL Central.

Game 5 of the best-of-five series is scheduled to begin at 10:07 a.m. PT and will be televised on TBS.