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Giants vs. Reds, 2012 NLDS: Anemic offense, solid pitching come through for San Francisco

Despite a total lack of offense on Tuesday, the Giants avoided elimination while gaining some impetus heading into game 4.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

It may have been one of the worst offensive games for the San Francisco Giants all season, but thanks to an excellent showing from the pitching staff and the fleet feet of Joaquin Arias, the Black and Orange lived to see another day against the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday.

When a team is no hit through six innings, held to one hit in nine innings of play, and gets no outs from their pitchers from the fifth inning on, that's game you wouldn't expect to win. The tenth inning on Tuesday was the first time in 28 innings that San Francisco had a lead in this series despite a number of hard hit balls this series. It wasn't pretty, but the victory certainly has swung some momentum in the Giants' favor with the Reds still trying to find a game four starter.

Barry Zito will take the mound on Wednesday, which may be the last thing many Giants fans want to hear. Adrenaline is the enemy to the curveball, meaning Zito will really have to keep himself composed in what is arguably the biggest start of his career. It also leaves a lot to wonder about Tim Lincecum, would was outstanding in relief in game one and will be ready to go if Zito struggles. Hopefully that high-powered offense that helped Zito's terrific second half of the season will reappear in game four.

As for the bullpen, it may have been one of their best games of the year, most notably Jeremy Affeldt and Sergio Romo. Affledt's two scoreless innings were just what the doctor ordered, while Romo's six pitch ninth inning and shutdown tenth were simply brilliant. These guys proved why playoff experience is crucial as they remained even-keeled despite the chaos and uncertainty around them.

They aren't out of the woods by any means, but the door remains open for these resilient Giants.