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College Football Picks: Cal Bears Favored Over Southern Utah

Experts make their pick for this weekend's Cal vs. Southern Utah game.

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After a disappointing loss to Nevada to open their season last weekend, the California Golden Bears will look for answers against Southern Utah. California enters as heavy favorites over the Thunderbirds and most experts are predicting a win for Jeff Tedford and the Bears.

The game is not expected to be close, although you never quite know with college football these days. Here are Kevin Gemmell and Ted Miller of ESPN's Pac-12 blog with their picks and outlook for the game:

Kevin: Cal 31, Southern Utah 14. Maybe this is the week Memorial Stadium sees a victory. The last one was on Oct. 23, 2010. Cal should win based on its athletes alone.

Ted: Cal 35, Southern Utah 10. The Bears should get a couple of injured guys back on defense, which should help. Playing angry might help, too.

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