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Cal Vs. Ohio State 2012: Golden Bears Lost, But Still Showed Improvement

The California Golden Bears suffered a seven-point defeat at the hands of the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday afternoon, but Cal wasn't expected to win the game anyway -- especially on the road. That said, the loss was expected but not necessarily disappointing for the Golden Bears' fans.

Cal has slowly but surely been showing more promise and the fans have taken notice of it -- particularly our friends over at California Golden Blogs. Avinash Kunnath wrote in his recap that the Golden Bears are showing improvement and, despite the loss, Saturday's game was pretty positive otherwise.

College football is a funny thing when you overachieve and come up short. You sort of feel mad that you didn't grab the win, you're kind of irritated at the questionable decisions, but in the end you brush it off and move on because things look better today than they did yesterday. I'm really more encouraged that we can get back to bowl eligibility than I was last week, and feel real better about out future considering how many youngsters are contributing and producing already.

The Golden Bears are going to have to string together victories in order to really show their improving, but it's quite promising that Cal fans are noticing that their football team is getting better at doing the little things.

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