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VIDEO: Cal Football WR Keenan Allen Interviewed By SB Nation Studios

The California Golden Bears are uncertain which path they'll go this season, partly because they are losing a lot of talent on both sides of the football after a decent but hardly outstanding 7-6 season.

Their big returning talent is Keenan Allen, who might be playing in his final season at Cal as a junior. Allen is projected as a first round draft pick and could very well turn pro after this year is complete, but his talent could really lift the Bears up if his team can get on the same page offensively. Allen is a great receiving talent that every team in the conference has had to account for, and has kept lesser-talented Cal squads afloat when the rest of the offense has been sputtering.

After the jump, Dan Rubenstein of SB Nation catches up with Allen and talks about his pro prospects, the challenges moving into this season, and his mondo beard. (SB Nation interviewed several big names at Pac-12 Media Day; check some of them out by clicking here.)

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