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College Football Win Totals: Cal With Over-Under 6.5 Wins, Stanford 7.5 Wins

For the first time in awhile, neither the California Golden Bears nor the Stanford Cardinal will be considered serious contenders for a Pac-12 championship. The Vegas win totals seem to reflect that, as the early reports from the National Football Post indicate. Find out more about each of the win totals after the jump.

Stanford seems to be suffering a lot from the post-Andrew Luck effect. The Cardinal have dropped to 7.5 wins overall, meaning they're expecting a lot more losses to regular foes. No Luck means there's less to expect if you're a Stanford football fan. On the bright side, the Cardinal can go into this season with no expectations at all and hope they can band together as a team without Luck.

Meanwhile, Cal is at 6.5 wins this season, as they're not expected to do all that much next season after spending the last two years around the .500 mark.

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