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Pac-12 Media Day 2012: Stanford Football Moves Past Andrew Luck Era

There's going to be a lot to talk about this upcoming season when it comes to the Stanford Cardinal as they prepare to reconstruct their team for the post-Andrew Luck team. However, the team's identity doesn't figure to change much now that Luck is gone. Stanford was a run-oriented squad when Luck was here, and they figure to keep on running the football as a priority with him gone.

Stanford head coach David Shaw just wants to make it clear to everyone that he's not changing the identity of this team, and he doesn't want his new quarterbacks trying to play like they're Andrew Luck. Jason Kirk has more.

"Don't try to be Andrew Luck," Shaw said he told his many potential quarterbacks. "Because you can't. Let our playmakers make plays."

Indeed, it makes no sense for the successor to Luck to try and force anything this season. It's best for the Cardinal to stay on message and do what they've been doing that has made them so successful--a run-oriented, grind-it-out style of offense that should give them an advantage against the weaker, more finesse defenses in the league.

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