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Pac-12 Network Early TV Schedule Released For National & Bay Area Channels

The Pac-12 Network is under a month away from launching, and it's likely that the Bay Area will have two channels to deal with: the national network for all the big games and happenings all around the Pac-12, and the regional network for everything Cal and Stanford-related.

The schedule has been released for all the national and regional channels for the first weeks of the channels. Here's the PDF of the National Network and the PDF of the Bay Area Network. Thanks to Ted Miller at the ESPN Pac-12 blog for digging up this information for us.

As you can see, most of the programming for all the channels is nearly identical to start the season off, although you figure as we move deeper into the season you'll see the regional network take on more of a Bay Area focus and the national network will keep in-tune to the main broadcast schedule.

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