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Marshawn Lynch Charged With DUI In Alameda County

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Former Cal standout and current Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch got some bad news on Wednesday as it has been reported that he will indeed be charged with DUI in Alameda County after being arrested this past Sunday for suspicion of driving under the influence in Emeryville.

Per Seattle Radio Host Dave Mahler on Twitter:

According to an incident report released by CHP on Tuesday, Lynch was seen driving a Ford Econoline van, nearly colliding with two other vehicles while weaving in and out of lanes. Authorities say Lynch was pulled over around 3:20 a.m. PT Saturday in Emeryville. After field sobriety tests came up suspicious, Lynch was arrested and booked. He took a chemical test instead of a blood test.

Lynch signed a four-year contract back in March worth $31 million, $18 million of that guaranteed. Lynch's prior history of legal troubles with a hit-and-run accident as well as gun charges to his name already may force the NFL to take action against him, possibly a suspension. That of course remains unclear at this point.

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