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President Of BCS Thinks Highly Of Himself, Loves Money

College football will finally be heading to a four-team playoff scenario for a national champion beginning in 2012. It's a new setup that will result in something close to a more "legitimate" champion, but more importantly, will allow the BCS and a bevy of schools to get filthy, stinking rich while continuing to punish players for trying to receive compensation for their services. The president of the BCS seems to have an interesting idea of his organization, as well as what the "evolution" of college football looks like.

Sports Radio Interviews has transcribed a recent appearance on the Dan Patrick Show by BCS President Bill Hancock (no relation). Patrick asked Hancock whether he was in favor of the four-team playoff. After Hancock stopped cackling (presumably), he responded:

"Yeah I am. [Dan Patrick: What happened? You had to change?] The BCS did great things for college football. It's undeniable. It made it more of a national game and you've heard me say that all those years, but things change. People's perspectives change. Times change. We've had the BCS and the coalition and the alliance, we will have had it for 22 years. Of course people change over 22 years. We're just ready to get going on the new deal."

After that, Hancock's eyeballs spun around like slot machine tumblers until they both landed on dollar signs and gold doubloons poured out of his mouth. (Probably.)

The Stanford Cardinal and the California Golden Bears will be part of this new setup starting in 2014 and will have entirely new sets of scenarios to deal with, moving away from the biased computers of the BCS and towards the nebulous shadow committees of crusty hobgoblins who will be determining which teams will advance to the playoffs and which teams will be trapped in a holo-prison and fired into the Negative Zone (allegedly).

But the important thing is that the BCS has done such great things for college football. Undeniable things. For example, the BCS took the time to explain to the entire state of Alabama what a "computer" is, what it does, that it can be used to crunch college football numbers and how "computer" is pronounced. (These pilot programs were met with varying degrees of success.)

And all the other things the BCS has done! Like, uh ... oh! Like introduce the barn-burning, crowd-pleasing bowl games America has been clamoring for for years. Who among us hadn't been dying to see a couple of teams with losing records duke it out for the opportunity to fight their hunger and enjoy a tasty bowl of mac and cheese? The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl finally made our dreams come true, and the Illinois Fighting Illini were able -- finally, at season's end -- to pass around one modest bowl of pasta, their moaning bellies finally satiated for several glorious minutes after a season of going without any food at all. Hey, these are the sacrifices the BCS required for moments of lasting glory.

Thanks, BCS! Without you lighting the way, we may never have found our way out of the darkness. Proudly we shall hail thee, BCS, all over the land.

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