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Trevor Guyton Is Super Gullible

Trevor Guyton is a defensive end who played for the California Golden Bears before being selected in the seventh round by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2012 NFL Draft. I'm sure Guyton is a super great dude, but after he sent out a tweet on Sunday (which was then retweeted by a fair number of people), it's fair to say that he may be a bit on the gullible side.

Sunday, of course, saw the running of the 2012 Bay to Breakers footrace, which brings with it plenty of revelry and, yes, nakedness. A friend must have tipped Guyton off to the following picture, which he then tweeted along, claiming it was from Sunday's Bay to Breakers.

The picture, while certainly amusing and very well may have been taken in San Francisco, was if nothing else not from Sunday's race. 4chan (which I will not link to, because if you don't already know what 4chan is, bless you and stay pure of heart) tells us that this photograph is at bare minimum two years old and has been passed around the Internet a time or three and been crafted into halfhearted memes for at least a couple of years.

If Guyton was trying to make his own joke about this, well done, sir. I think it's far more likely, however, that someone forwarded an email saying "lol check out this pic from Bay to Breakers," complete with any number of exclamation points and/or emoticons.

Makes you wonder what other email forwards Guyton loves. Maybe the ones from the aunt or mother that have subject lines like "Fw.Fw:Re:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw: CUTEST DOGS EVER!!!!" or perhaps the "Important information about your free iPhone lawsuit, OPEN RIGHT AWAY."

It is perhaps likely that anyone Guyton follows may be receiving 15 DMs a day reading "HEY MAN YOU GOTTA CHECK THIS OUT SOMEONE IS SAYING BAD STUFF ABOUT YOU" followed by a link. Just remember, everyone: never click anything on the Internet. Now follow me on Twitter 12 times or something bad will happen to you.