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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Keenan Allen To St. Louis Rams

Stanford was the team that put Bay Area prospects in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Is it Cal's turn in 2013?

Keenan Allen is a pretty impressive player to watch and is definitely the best talent on the California Golden Bears going into the 2012 college football regular season. Allen possesses excellent route-running skills, great athleticism, and ability to adjust to poor throws. There's a lot of potential for Allen to become a number one receiving option in an NFL offense immediately, and he's expected to turn pro after his junior season.

Ryan Van Bibber released his first mock draft for 2013, and it has Allen going 10th overall in this draft. Allen ends up with the St. Louis Rams here, as they're in need of a top option for Sam Bradford to throw the football toward.

The Rams added depth and some good role players at the position. Now, they can finally add a true No. 1 to the roster.

Allen on the Rams would make quite a lot of sense, and you have to figure that Allen could be a top option on multiple teams.

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