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2012 NFL Draft Results: Stanford's Jonathan Martin Goes To Dolphins

With the No. 42 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins decided to go with Jonathan Martin, the left tackle that protected Andrew Luck's blind side the past several seasons at Stanford. He'll now go to Miami where he'll protect Ryan Tannehill, who the Dolphins drafted in the first round.

Martin helped anchor Stanford's top-notch offensive line to keep their quarterback upright, as the Cardinal ranked in the top ten in sacks allowed the past three season. Martin's ability to lead block or seal the outside also helped Stanford's rushing game to achieve top numbers as well. It's unclear whether Martin is best suited to be a left tackle or a right tackle on the next level. Martin has a lot of strength but might struggle with elite pass rushers, which probably makes him a better fit on the right.

Martin was the second Cardinal linemen drafted, joining offensive guard David DeCastro. Luck was a great quarterback, but he received a lot from his pass protection to ensure that he stayed great.

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