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2012 NFL Draft Results: David DeCastro Goes To Pittsburgh Steleers

With the No. 24 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers have selected David DeCastro, the imposing offensive guard from the Stanford Cardinal. DeCastro is considered the best interior offensive lineman out available in this draft and should be immediately plugged into a team system and ready to play ASAP.

DeCastro was named a unanimous All-American in 2011, and anchored an offensive line in the middle that powered some of the best college rushing attacks in Stanford football history, helping the Cardinal to record rushing seasons all while Andrew Luck was the anchor of the offense. DeCastro is already an excellent run blocker, particularly as a pulling guard on the fabled Power O run call that Stanford has made their bread-and-butter play the past few seasons. He will probably need to develop his pass protecting skills, but for the most part DeCastro is one of the surer things in this draft.

Mocking The Draft had this to say about DeCastro in their scouting report:

Final word: As good of a guard prospect as there has been in years. DeCastro is quick off the line of scrimmage which helps him get under defensive linemen. He knows how to properly use his hands to keep defenders away. Instinctive against the pass rush. Plays with a nasty disposition.

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