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Keenan Allen To Miss Cal Football Spring Practice

The Cal football team has a lot of holes going into next season, but they do at least have one dynamic weapon returning to action. Wide receiver Keenan Allen is by far the best returning talent for the California Golden Bears, and is going to be hard for defenses to contain next season if he maintains his upward trend.

Allen will be missing some time this spring practice. Cal head coach Jeff Tedford tweets the following.

Allen's absence will create a vacuum at wide reciever that won't be easy to fill. Cal doesn't really have much depth behind Allen at receiver, and will have to rely on Maurice Harris the redshirt freshman to likely fill in. Also expect Bryce McGovern and Jackson Bouza (two walk-ons who saw regular playing time last year) to make their own contributions and provide an impact for Cal on offense, simply because there's no one else left.

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