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Maui Invitational 2013: Cal Basketball Among Eight Teams Invited

The California Golden Bears have been doing quite well on the hardwood the past few years, and have definitely become one of the premier teams in the Pac-12.

Cal will now take part in one of the biggest events of the college basketball regular season, the Maui Invitational. Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports reports the team that will be playing after the jump.

Cal has had one big problem lately--knotting big out-of-conference regular season victories that would greatly improve their RPI and their overall seeding in future NCAA tournaments (Cal, despite finishing second in the Pac-12, still remains on the NCAA tournament bubble). They'll have their chances if they play teams like Baylor, Gonzaga or Syracuse. The Bears would love to get more chances to prove themselves and grow beyond their current moniker of being a good team that can't win big games.

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