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Cal Basketball Falls To Stanford 75-70, Golden Bears Finish 2nd In Pac-12

The California Golden Bears are going to be hurting from this one. Cal couldn't stop Stanford for most of the game, and they couldn't make it back late to win the conference title.

Jorge Gutierrez struggled with foul trouble early (including picking up a technical foul), seemed to force the issue, and didn't play all that well, finishing with eight points on eight shots but also turned the ball over four times. Allen Crabbe led the Bears with 20 points, Harper Kamp put in 19 points and seven rebounds, and David Kravish contributed 13 points and eight boards.

Chasson Randle put in 17 points, five rebounds and four assists, Andrew Zimmerman put in 13 points, Aaron Bright added 12 and Anthony Brown put in 10 points. Nine Cardinal players scored and contributed in significant fashion, as Stanford shot 47% and held Cal to just under 41% shooting.

Other than the intense Cardinal defense, the killer for Cal was turnovers, as the Bears gave up at least 20 points on their 15 giveaways. Cal also got few contributions from their bench once again (four points compared to 27 for Stanford).

Cal finishes tied for second in the conference.

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