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2012 NCAA Printable Bracket Available From SB Nation, Get Yours Filled Out Today

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Good news! It's not too late to print out your NCAA Tournament bracket and make your picks before the brackets close on Thursday morning. The NCAA Tournament continues today with the final two play-in games, and if you're still procrastinating, I'd advise you to get to those printable brackets and go to work. The following play-in games are happening this afternoon and tonight, broadcast live on TruTV from Dayton, Ohio:

3:40 PM PT
Game 1: No. 16 Vermont vs. No. 16 Lamar

After the conclusion of game 1, you'll see:
Game 2: No. 12 South Florida vs. No. 12 Cal

This is the real deal for Cal - win or go home, and they'll look to lock up their spot in the big dance at around 6:00 pm PST. But, whether Cal can get the W or must head home to watch from their couches, you'd better start focusing in on your NCAA Tournament predictions so you can start to build the perfect bracket.

SB Nation has a full 2012 NCAA printable bracket up with names of every team blog involved in the NCAA Tournament this year

In addition to making predictions, using our bracket, you can click the embedded links to head over to the team blogs involved in March Madness in your quest to get the best recon on every team, and every region.

To discuss Cal basketball in the NCAA Tournament, head on over to the California Golden Blogs. For more coverage of Cal in the 2012 NCAA Tournament, visit SB Nation Bay Area's storystream. Click here for a link to our NCAA bracket 2012.

Brackets on the brain? Us too! Play Yahoo! Tourney Pick'em and be a part of the craziest month of college basketball. It is fun, easy, and free.