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Pac-12 Tournament 2012 Bracket Reactions: Cal Fans React To Semifinal Loss

The No. 2 seed California Golden Bears were overwhelmed by the No. 6 seed Colorado Buffaloes in the 2012 Pac-12 Tournament semifinals on Friday night. They will be missing out on the championship game and a chance at the 2012 NCAA Tournament and understandably, Bay Area fans are feeling a bit maudlin about this development.

Kodiak over at Cal blog California Golden Blogs offers this short, but bittersweet take on Friday night's disappointing results:

Back up the bus. The Redemption Tour has hit a snag.

After agonizing about how the Cal offense would fare against their kryptonite, it was surprisingly the Cal defense which gave way in the end.

Once again, too many first half turnovers squandered an opportunity to seize control of the game. It's a sad end to Jorge and Harper's regular season.

The Buffaloes will meet the No. 4 seed Arizona Wildcats in Saturday's Pac-12 Tournament Final. It is a safe bet that far fewer Bay Area fans will be watching the game than initially expected.

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