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VIDEO: Arizona Wildcats Coach Kicks Jorge Gutierrez

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The victory by the Arizona Wildcats over the California Golden Bears was marred by a rather ugly incident that could end up having some repercussions felt in the league office.

Cal's Jorge Gutierrez went diving for a loose ball and went tumbling right into the Arizona coaching staff, right into head coach Sean Miller. As Gutierrez started to gather himself, it looked as if Arizona assistant coach Joe Pasternack flailed his leg right into Jorge's, and Gutierrez took immediate umbrage.

You can debate for yourself whether Jorge had a case after you view the video and the slow-motion animation after the jump.


(Click here if having trouble viewing animation)

Sure doesn't look good. Despite the statement made by Pasternack (which isn't all that contrite), you'd expect a suspension to come his way soon.

Funny thing is that Pasternack used to be a Cal assistant coach with Ben Braun. Cal is just not having good luck these days with former assistants, are they?

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