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Cal Basketball Plays Sloppy, But Beats Utah 60-46

By their first place standards, the California Golden Bears didn't have a great night against the Utah Utes. But they played well enough to cruise comfortably and win by double digits.

Cal relied on Harper Kamp for most of the game, who had 17 points, seven rebounds and five assists. Jorge Gutierrez didn't have a good shooting night, but did finish with 12 points, four rebounds and five assists. David Kravish added 11 points, six rebounds, and four blocks. Cal shot 40% from the field and hit only 2 of 11 threes, missing six free throws. Utah was worse though, shooting 35% and turned the ball over 19 times compared to only nine assists.

With Washington idle, Cal temporarily moves to first place in the Pac-12 at 13-3 in the conference and 23-6 overall. Cal moves onto a crucial road contest for tournament seeding on Sunday in Colorado.

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